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ULTRA Sculpt – Next Generation HIFU technology

Eliminate unwanted fat without any downtime or surgery needed. LIPOcel is a safe and effective procedure delivering HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) energy precisely into over 1.3cm deep under the skin destroying fat cells. The unique patented LIPOCel contact cooling system reduces the handpiece surface temperate down to just 5 degrees.
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Effectiveness of Contact Cooling

Fast Facts

LIPOcel Features

The high temperature of the target raises the temperature of the subcantaneous fat cells to over 70 degrees by using powerful energy up to a maximum of 150 J
The unique chill cartridge (5 degrees) cools the surface allowing increased energy transfer with minimal pain compared to other similar treatments.
The epidermis remains safe because the direct focal zone is only formed on subcutaneous fat layers below 1.3cm
The whole procedure can be completed within 30 minutes allowing you to continue with normal daily routine. No anesthesia required.
The Deaerating System removes bubbles and implosive collapose significantly increasing the lifespan of the cartridges.
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